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All-Star winners

One of the common characteristics among this year's All-Star winners is the way in which they have implemented technology solutions to enhance productivity, achieve goals and make their business processes more efficient, without taking their eyes off the ultimate target: The consumer, and how to serve him or her best. The 2005 Readership Survey indicated that 94.6% of respondents are continually seeking new products, technologies, solutions and services to improve competitiveness. So when you are researching systems, do not forget that your technology is only as good as the processes it overlies.

Although we are not talking about building skyscrapers, the same philosophy holds true for just about any process. It's crucial to determine the function of the solution we seek before we establish the form it will take. So when you're researching systems, don't forget that your technology is only as good as the processes it overlies.

Urban Apparel

Today, "urban" is no longer a subculture. But unlike most countercultural phenomena that rail against the Establishment (think punk rock, or the '60s hippie movement), hip-hop is unique in that it draws its strength from achieving mainstream success, the American Dream. Simmons says that Phat Farm is "not about changing America but making it greater, being part of its evolution toward greatness."

Indeed, urban wear is often described as "aspirational." It is about keeping up with - and surpassing - the Joneses. It's about making a lot of money, and then making some more.

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